Back To Film  - Zine

Back To Film  started back in June 2019 when I got my hands on an Olympus OM10. I started to collect Zuiko Lens to use on my Fuji X-series digital cameras with an adapter as I needed longer focal lenght to capture the images I had in mind.Why waste a good set of Lenses on digital when you can pick up a classic vintage camera and some wonderful B&W film.

Ten rolls of film later and I'm hooked. The feeling of winding on the film. The process of not looking at the back of the camera to view the image. Calculate the exposure you want. Set the apature and shutter speed. Compose and press the shutter buttton.

Oh that sound, that wonderful sound as you press the shutter button.All the images in this Photo Zine were taken using a varity of Olympus OM cameras from the OM10, OMG, OM30 and the wonderful OM2 Spot/Program.Film used, well that was the problem. What to pick ? So I got 5 rolls of all different types ranging from Kodak Tmax, Ilford HP5, Kentmere, Fomopan to name just a few.I hope you enjoy this collection of twelve images from the start of my journey Back to Film.  

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