New FREE Zine

Why did it take a World Pandemic, Covid-19, and a Lock-down order by the Irish Government for me to finally go to the fields behind my housing estate?

I have no answer to that question, but after living in this house for 16 years, I finally went for a walk in the fields.

There is a path around the perimeter of the fields made by all the people who have walked here over the years. I have being told that the farmer did grown something in these fields but nothing this year. 

For this special first walk, I took along a camera to document the walk. With the lock-down I wasn’t outside the house or garden for 2 weeks. I needed a change of scenery. So maybe that’s the answer to the above question. I also needed to test the camera. The camera was purchased on eBay and delivered just before the lock-down. Oh yea, the camera was a Voigtlánder Vito B ( more information about the camera on the back page ). It is in wonderful condition, but it’s over 50 year old so you never know if it works. Well it works just fine, or you wouldn’t be reading this introduction to the images in this zine.

The film used was Agfa APX100 and developed by myself in Kodak D76. I had just learned to develop film at home a week before I took these images and I was like a child in a candy shop as I open the tank to see images on the roll. After a couple hours hanging to dry I scanned them and selected these 12 images. I did a quick Levels, Contrast, black and white point to all the images. 

So I hope you enjoy these black & white images from my walk in The Fields.


The Field Zine_Pdf_version.pdf