I'll start by telling you want the following two images have in common before I got through the story of "The Complete Opposites"........

I took both images with the same camera and lens combination. That's it.

The image on the left, Sunset over Mulranny, is predominantly black while the image on the right, Salterstown is predominantly white ( blackandwhite.ie, enough said ).This is down to the wonderful sunshine and clouds compared to no sun and blanket cloud cover.

You can capture a moment in time with Photography and in the case of Mulranny it was a fraction of a second compared to the 100 seconds for Salterstown. And here lies another difference. I only had a short window of opportunity to capture the Mulranny image as the light was changing fast. Now the Salterstown image, I had all the time in the world so to speak. Nothing was changing apart for the tide.

Funny thing with these two images was there are taken on opposite sides of the country. Mulranny is on the West coast of Ireland and the camera is looking in a southerly direction towards Croagh Patrick Mountain. Salterstown in on the East coast of Ireland and the camera was looking in a northerly direction towards The Mourne Mountains. 

Oh... there is another difference, you can see the mountain range in the background and nothing in the other.

Oh crap, I just figured they have something else in common. They are both taken on a beach looking out towards the sea.

Planning & Timing is another major difference between these two images. I had a feeling, gut instanced you might say, before turning the car around and going back to the beach in Mulranny. I was also in a rush to capture the Mulranny image and had no time for tripods and filters etc... Now the Salterstown images was completely different. I started the planning for this images a couple of weeks in advanced. Checking the tide times for high tide, sunset and so on. The images were captured using a 10 stop ND filter and of course a tripod with remote cable release.

Don't know about you, but these two images give me a different mood feeling. As I was the one who captured the images, I also bring with me some extra info that you as the viewer don't have any access to. Part of this is the background to the images. I was on a family holiday for the Mulranny images and so my wife and children were with me when the image was taken. For Salterstown I took a day off work and was alone the whole day.

These two images capture the essence of why I enjoy, sorry Love Photography. Nothing is the same. The location doesn't change, that's if you are returning to the same location,  but the weather conditions and you as a person change and this has a major impact on your images. 

So get out there and enjoy 2019.